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Unlock the information stored in your own blueprint to help your Self in this age of transition to enlightenment and higher consciousness. Knowledge and personal experience is the key that will enable you to recognized the freedom and flexibility to take charge of your life.

Neale Donald Walsch reminds us that, “The "secret" of life is to know that All Is Energy, and then to monitor and regulate the intake of that energy, as well as focusing and directing the outflow of it from me to all the world.”

Learn how to recognize your guidance - the "little voice" inside. Learn to hear, feel through sensing with awareness to physical responses and learn to trust that you "just knowing that you know".

Find out how to cross that bridge from fear, illness, and limitation to health and happiness, here and now, through the great powers of healing:
  • Touching through the human aura, revitalizing the physical body, stimulating the mind, then bringing peace to your inner being - the healer is the channel, through which the energies flow for this action to take place in your life.
  • Hands that heal the body, mind, and soul by the laying on of the hands or through absentee healing treatments sent to you by your love ones.
  • At a Distance Healing - an energy which brings clarity and peace to the mind by releasing the stress and tension of one's daily activities. Relieving aches and pains of the physical body helps create balance and harmony in the chakra centers of the body temple that are in alignment, and in tune, with the frequencies of the universal source energy.
Experience table tipping as a tool which helps you feel the different vibrations that surround us.

You can find the best path for you through the answers provided to questions you have about your life. From simple questions to deeper enlightenment, Experiential Evolution can help define the right path for you while supporting your spiritual development.
... Spiritual Development to gain awareness that
our "Identity" is Spiritual ...
our Being is part of Universal Energy ...
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