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Now you may purchase your own step-by-step guide to Mediumship Development in Printed copy or download the book in Adobe PDF format.

This book includes a Prayer, Guided Chakra Meditation and pages to make notes of your personal insights.

Purchase your book and download
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A Printed copy mailed to you
($27.44 w/shipping)

Timeless Wisdom Trance Channel Audio CD

Voices of our Forefathers...
Messages Channeled through
Deep Trance from the beloved
Dr. Isaac Newton in

Timeless Wisdom From
The Masters

Deep Trance Series - Volume 1

($22.00 w/shipping)

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...how our words and thoughts create the vibrations which affect our lives,
...what we manifest and what we don't manifest.

...the pulse of the universe, compassion and love.
...empower yourself! Find that pulse of the universe within
...recognize the beat of the essence of your soul.

...how music and vibrations go together.
...The music of the universe that resides within.
...tap into the universal orchestra of one's self.

Earth Meditation CD

Experience your Evolution
Earth Meditation

Find The Magic In You

Use this meditation as a visualization tool
to learn what your contract is for this lifetime, travel to your Akashic records,
experience the true teacher within you and learn what your Living Book is and how to use it.

($22.00 w/shipping)

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short sample
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