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There are but a few people left who are descendents from the first families of the original spiritualist movement which spread like wildfire throughout America during the mid-1800s. These families once lived together in thriving societies and gathered in spiritualist churches for nearly two-hundred years. Today, as a new generation of members have discovered the communities, many original descendants of this rich heritage have moved on, seeking more private lives of self-growth.

Felice Izzarelli is a man born into such a family. Raised by a very strong and Gifted grandmother and mother, he learned early in life that Spirit is directing us always, and that all we have to do is listen.

Felice Izzarelli

One of the many lessons he is grateful for learning is that true strength is taught through gentleness and love. He was taught the secrets of how prayers and vibrations work in the universe. Mother and grandmother taught young Felice that there is no death; how to reach out to his guides who brought him comfort in times of lessons learned and giving him the strength and wisdom to teach others.

It took him nearly half a lifetime to truly tap in and reach out to teachers in this realm to learn more. His path lead him to developing his physical body and emotions through mastering martial arts, which in turn provided his preparation for the development of his greater relationship to the spiritual world. He found a Teacher at Harmony Grove who built upon the foundation of knowledge of physical and spiritualist mediumship that his grandmother and mother had prepared decades before.

Felice shares his knowledge by teaching others how to reach their potential to build their relationships with their own guides who will direct them on their own intuitive path of self-discovery, while at the same time, developing them as teachers of spiritualist knowledge. Felice now knows that the more we spread the word and teach others to teach, the more we raise our own consciousness to the spirit world around us. In turn, students teach teachers life lessons.

Felice teaches throughout the world via his own Internet videos, through publishing and making available the original recordings of his grandmother, who once channeled Physicist Thomas Alva Edison, inventor of the light bulb. Thomas Edison knew back in the 1800s that there was a deep connection between the spiritual and physical worlds and spent the latter part of his life creating inventions to work as physical conduits between worlds.

For more information about Felice Izzarelli, how he can help you enrich your life and the lives around you by developing your physical and spiritual mediumship skills, please contact him.

"It would be possible to describe everything scientifically,
but it would make no sense;
it would be without meaning, as if you described a
Beethoven symphony as a variation of wave pressure."

- Albert Einstein

Felice claims no proprietary rights over the power of healing, He is simply an instrument, through which, healing energies flow. It is the infinite intelligence of all life which creates the manifestations of healing; it is Love that restores your body to its perfect state of being.
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